Your own secure online access

My business has evolved over the years. It’s not so long ago that I had to print all of my reports and supporting paperwork, and post them to my client. Then we moved into an era of email and attachments, but some documents were so large I had to burn them to CD or even DVD. Then came free methods of sending large files to clients over the internet.

But experience tells me that clients lose things! People have come back to me, some more than a decade after I sent their report, wondering if I still have it and could I please send another copy. Well I do, but it’s time to move on so this is no longer an issue.

Once I have finished work, you will be given a web page address and a password. That will take you to your report, will which be presented so you can view the whole thing online. Visit as often as you like, give your family the details so they can also see it.

You will be able to print or download the information if you wish, and follow any links I suggest to pages of The Long, Long Trail that explain any finer points of technical detail.

I will also ask you if you would like your report to be accessible to the public (your own information will be redacted, of course, unless you wish people to be able to contact you). If you would like this, the report will be searchable by Google and other engines and will appear in the blog section of this site. You own private page will still be available, too.

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