Widest and deepest search for information

Starting point

Before we begin a project together, I will ask you to provide me with a few things:

You own name, email and postal address. This information is needed so that I can properly set you up as a client, and eventually send you a bill. Your name and address will also appear on your report.

Details of the man (or men, or even woman or women) you would like me to search. I know that you may not know, or be uncertain about, some of this.

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (as well as it is known)
  • Where he lived and what he did for a living (as well as it is known)
  • Any known facts of regiment, number, where he served, etc.

I will invite you to send me a copy of any documents or photographs that you have. This will help the research and, if you wish, I can include them in the report.

My searches

Based on what you have told me, I will search for military and other relevant details. On occasion, I may need to come back to you for clarification or to test whether you believe I have identified the right man.

Generally, I work through the following. The sequence is not fixed and will depend on the starting knowledge, what I find and where it leads me. The main thing is that no stone is unturned from these sources. My report will also indicate to you potentially useful additional sources you may wish to try, often in local archives.

  • Army service records
  • Military pension records
  • Casualty lists
  • Records of deaths and burials (if relevant)
  • Records of prisoners of war (if relevant)
  • Operational records of the man’s unit
  • Gallantry, bravery or other award listings and announcements
  • Campaign medal records
  • Mentions in local newspapers
  • Appearance in censuses and absent voters lists (if relevant).

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