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Our service is best for clients who want to understand in as much depth as possible the soldier’s military career, where he was and what he did. We also strive to understand his family and personal background. The results are presented in our unique in-depth report.

Our standard, comprehensive, service

The objective of this service is

  • to find all documentation that exists about the soldier in national-level sources;
  • to interpret the technical detail the documents contain;
  • to provide our client with the clearest understanding of the man’s story;
  • and to offer advice on where further local information may be found.

The searches we undertake as part of this service

We look for and obtain copies of:

  • The man’s army service record
  • Army pension record
  • Campaign medals record (index and rolls)
  • National and De Ruvigny’s Rolls of Honour
  • Gallantry, Foreign and Long Service awards
  • Entries in official casualty lists
  • Entries in hospital admissions registers
  • (for officers) Army List and London Gazette
  • (for men who died) burial or commemoration record
  • (for men who died) “Soldiers Died in the Great War”
  • (for men who died, were wounded or taken POW) newspaper coverage
  • (for men who were taken POW) German and Red Cross official reports and British debriefing reports
  • (for men who were discharged early) entry in roll of Silver War Badge
  • (for men who died, were wounded if date known, were captured if date known, who won a gallantry award or were an officer) Unit war diary
  • Where necessary or helpful in understanding the man’s story:
    • Birth registration index
    • Censuses from 1911 back to earliest in the man’s life
    • Death registration index (for men who died up to and including 1921)

For information about where these various records are found, what they contain, etc see our associated website The Long, Long Trail

Building the man’s story

Based on the documentary evidence we build as comprehensive a narrative of the soldier’s story as possible. This means interpreting the technical information, drawing upon our knowledge of the structures and regulations of the army, referring to histories and other sources about the movements and activities of his units, and generally assembling useful background. We construct this into an easy-to-read explanation of his army career, illustrated where necessary by maps and photographs.

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