Research FAQ

We are always happy to reply to enquiries about potential projects or research that do not quite fit in with our standard work. This FAQ page may help.

I don’t know my soldier’s military details. Can you still research him?

In many instances we are faced with a situation where the man’s name and other personal details are known, but nothing about his military service.  This is normal for us and we do undertake such work. The chances of a definite identification rely on whether his service record exists, how common his name was, and to some extent where he came from, for all of these things can help pick him out from others.

Do you research men of the navy?

Generally, no. Their records are online and easy to find. We do however research men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines who served with the Royal Naval Division.

Do you research men of the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Air Force?


Do you research men who served after 1921?

The army service records of such men are not accessible in that they are held by the Ministry of Defence and only released in accordance with kinship rules they apply. We can of course gather in all other Great War material about such men (medal rolls, casualty lists etc). It is best if you obtain the record first and then come to us for the rest.

Do you research men of the Boer or earlier wars?

If they went on to see service in the First World War, yes.

Do you research men of the Commonwealth forces?

We do research men of the Australian, Canadian, Newfoundland and New Zealand armies, but not those of the Indian or other forces.

We would like to give the research as a gift. Can you help?

We would be delighted to produce our material in whichever formats you like – on CD, DVD, memory stick, or printed and bound – even as a small website. Just let us know right at the outset – and make sure we have plenty of time! A typical research project takes 2-3 weeks to complete but we would then have to add time for production and postage if necessary. The cost of production and postage would be adde to our invoice without markup but we would also need to add a £30 fee to cover the additional work.

I have a number of men to research. Can you give us a discount?

We would be delighted to discuss your needs. For example we recently researched all 30 men on a village war memorial for a local history group.