Fees and terms

Never more than £85

And in most cases a good deal less.

We used to say that this was £125, but years of developing our methods and efficiencies, and in building an unrivalled set of unit histories and army regulations, has allowed us to reduce the maximum figure. Continuous improvement!

Our fee for our standard, comprehensive service

Our service is described at What we can do for you.

Our fee for this service is a maximum of £85.

Under conditions which apply to most projects our final actual fee is a lower figure (see below).

Should you require printed copies we will be happy to supply them but will need to additionally charge for materials, printing, packaging and postage.

We do not need to add VAT.

Payment methods

We do not require any advance payment.

We send an invoice for outstanding sums to our clients when we deliver the results.

We can accept payment by cheque (UK banks); credit or debit card (online via Paypal); direct payment via internet banking (our preferred method). We’ll give you details of how to do that at the appropriate time.


Fee reductions

  • In the event of us not finding any records or where we are  unable to make a unique identification (typically where the subject’s regiment and number is not known, no service records exist and there is more than one man of the same name in the medals index) there will be a fixed fee of £30 to pay.
  • For all other projects we will always reduce our fee below the maximum shown where gaps remain in the soldier’s story due to absence of documents or meagre information contained on those to  that do exist. There are two types of reporting problem that we reflect in reduced fees:
    • When  the man’s service record cannot be found;
      • In  this event (which applies to perhaps two thirds of all searches) we will reconstruct the man’s story as far as possible from the details found in other sources.
      • This will trigger an automatic reduction in fee, by a value depending on findings and how complex it is to determine what happened to the man.
      • In the worst case, typically where a man served in one of the large Corps (artillery, engineers, medical etc) where medal rolls are uninformative, we will invoice a fee of £40.
      • In other cases the fee will be somewhere between £40 and £85.
    • When  the service record is found but is badly damaged, illegible or where documents or important information is missing;
      • We  will reconstruct the man’s story as far as possible from the service record and details found in other sources.
      • This may trigger an automatic reduction in fee, by a value depending on findings and how complex it is to determine what happened to the man.
      • It  is difficult to be precise about the extent to which we can reduce the fee but undertake to do so if justified.


Fine print: detailed terms and conditions

Your contract
fourteeneighteen is a trading  name of Milverton Associates Limited. Your contract is with the company and  payments are made to the company.

Basic terms
Upon your acceptance of the fees and terms and our emailed acknowledgement  of your instructions:

    1. Our quotation as expressed in this “Services,  Fees and Terms” page forms the entire agreement between Milverton Associates  Limited (referred to throughout as fourteeneighteen) and you (referred to  throughout as the Client);
    2. fourteeneighteen will undertake to carry out  research work as instructed by the Client;
    3. fourteeneighteen will use reasonable endeavours  to perform the research, to find all information required and available and to  produce the deliverables in the format agreed;
    4. Completion of a research project can normally be  made within 6 weeks of date of order but this cannot be guaranteed due to the  open-ended nature of our enquiries. If a specific delivery date is required by  the Client we can usually make special arrangements to achieve this but it must  be agreed before commencement and will require the submission of a new  proposal;
    5. fourteeneighteen will invoice the Client on or  soon after the date of sending the documents to the Client;
    6. The Client will pay fourteeneighteen within 7 days of the date of invoice;
    7. Fees once paid are not refundable for any  reason;
    8. fourteeneighteen retains all intellectual  property used or generated in the project;
    9. The Client agrees that fourteeneighteen may use  information discovered during the project for use on this website or any other  websites belonging to Milverton Associates Limited.

Our invoice will give full instructions on how to pay for  the work performed. Our transactions are in Pounds Sterling.

The performance of our services  commences immediately on sending an acknowledgement email to you. You may  cancel at any time and without any cost – by email only – up to the point where  the confirmation is sent to you. Cancellation thereafter for any cause will  incur a fixed fee of £40, which will be invoiced to you by email and is payable  on presentation.

Please see our page on what we deliver to you

Most of the documents we will find for you are Crown Copyright. We will advise you where this is not the  case. Digital versions that we obtain on your behalf are usually the copyright of  the provider. Generally these do not permit you to reproduce them and we advise reading their terms. In obtaining these documents we are acting as your agent or representative and do not take any form of title to the documents.

Our report and all of its contents are our copyright, as are digital photographs that we take of original documents or of battlefield or other locations. All of these documents also  remain as our copyright but you are given a free licence to reproduce them for  any non-commercial purpose.

Placing your order

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