Research approach

1. Scope.

I research men or women who served in the British Army of the First World War period. Any regiment, officer or “other rank”. See Research FAQ for clarification.

The research process begins with you telling me what you already know: his name, any military details, year of birth, where he came from, who his next of kin may have been, etc.

2. Search.

I then carry out a set of searches, covering his service record, admisions to hospital, pension, medals awarded, relevant civil records (such as absent voters lists or marriage registrations), any mentions in casualty lists (which might lead to records of death or as a prisoner of war) and in the war diary of his unit. I will also examine newspapers that have been digitised, and any other source that suggests itself during the work. Most of this can now be done online, but in some circumstances it may require a visit to the National Archives.

3. Interpretation.

Painstaking work to re-compile the man’s timeline, determining his postings to units and his movements. This often leads to an examination of certain regulations to explain why things happened to him the way they did. If he became a casualty, the exact circumstances and location are determined as far as it is possible to do so.

4. Reporting.

My report to you explains the searches undertaken; provides a detailed narrative of the soldier’s story; adds an explanation of the history of his unit and the battles in which he was engaged; provides background detail of any relevant technical matters; and suggests next research steps you may wish to consider. The report and all copies of documents are delivered to you digitally via the internet and email.

5. Billing and payment

You will be sent an invoice with the final report. It provides the breakdown of how the final fee was determined (in accordance with our agreed terms) and full details of the various ways in which it can be paid. They include direct bank transfer, credit/debit card via Paypal, and by cheque.

More details on fees and terms

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