Details of fees and terms

Fees that fairly reflect depth, quality and value

Over the years and thousands of projects I have developed a feeling for what works, fee-wise, for us and our clients.

I have a unique pricing model. The final fee will depend on how complex the man’s story is and the level of detail I am able to provide for you, depending on the documentary evidence that can be found.

Element of the feeFee
Base Fee. Covers all searches, interpretation, production of report and all communication with you.Fixed £100
Plus an addition for each key event that we need to describe in depth: when a man was wounded, killed, taken prisoner or earned a gallantry or bravery award.£20 per event, if applicable in your project
Less an adjustment for final quality/depth. This is to recognise that in many cases details will be missing or rather vague due to the loss or absence of documentary evidence.This is variable depending on findings
Plus an addition cover access to the National Archives to obtain documents when they cannot be obtained digitally.£20, if applicable for your project
Example of fee compilation
The most typical outcome is that a man’s service record no longer exists, but there is other material that allows a reasonably comprehensive narrative of his story, and let’s say he was wounded once. All documents were obtained digitally and did not need a visit to the National Archives.
Base Fee £100, plus one key event £20, less adjustment for quality/depth of £40, so total final fee would be £80. Almost all projects fall within a band of fee of £50-£120.

Once an order for a project has been received and formally acknowledged by email, there will be a minimum final fee of £50. Cancellations at no cost will be accepted up to that point.

2022-23 Fees and Terms (PDF document, opens in new tab)

Payment methods

I do not require any advance payment.

I will send an invoice when I deliver the results of the work.

I can accept payment by cheque (UK banks); credit or debit card (online via Paypal); direct payment via internet banking (our preferred method). The invoice will provide details of how to do that.

Matters of copyright

Most of the documents found for you are Crown Copyright. I will advise you where this is not the  case. Digital versions that I obtain on your behalf are usually the copyright of the provider. I advise reading their terms.

My report and all of its contents are my copyright, as are digital photographs that I take of original documents or of battlefield or other locations. You will be given a free licence to reproduce them for any non-commercial purpose.

Placing your order

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