Chris provides professional research and advisory services for anyone wishing to know more about the men, events and battlefields of the First World War.

The business was established in 2002 and has now celebrated its 22nd anniversary .

History and development

Chris Baker is also the author of the Long, Long Trail website and founder of the Great War Forum. He is a former chairman of the Western Front Association, a former Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and a current Member of the Royal Historical Society.

Chris began researching soldiers as a personal interest. Through his websites many people began to ask for assistance, either because they found it hard to travel to the various archives, could not find what they sought or more importantly did not  understand it when they did. After doing what he could on a part-time basis, during which it was formalised as a company in 2002, Chris ended his career in business to concentrate on this work in April 2008. On Anzac Day, 25 April, as it happens.

From the research beginnings, the business has developed to include work for TV, radio and new media.

Over time Chris has examined and reported on the careers of well over 10000 soldiers of the British Army. See what clients have said