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Professional army records research services for genealogists and military historians: making your unknown soldier known again

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If you want to understand what happened to a soldier in the First World War, learn more of his personal and family circumstances and perhaps prove a family legend, you will find no better friend and advisor than fourteeneighteen.

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We carry out a comprehensive search for documentary evidence of a soldier’s time in the British Army; interpret the details found; and create a timeline narrative so that you can understand exactly what happened to him, when and why.

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With thousands of soldiers researched for thousands of clients since 2002, we have built highly efficient and effective methods, unmatched knowledge and a unique repository of information. Your project will be in safe hands.

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You are a family historian, trying to find what happened to a relative in 1914-1918. Perhaps you are researching a local war memorial. Or maybe you’re in the media and need help with a news story or documentary. We will help.

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Temporarily closed to new orders

We regret that as of 8am (UK time) on Sunday, 16 December 2018 our order book is temporarily closed to new business.

A continued surge in demand means that we now have a considerable number of projects in progress; enough to keep us working up to Christmas Eve. And we then intend to take a few days holiday – after all, the final year of the Great War centenary has been one of relentless, if most enjoyable, work for us. We hope that prospective clients understand this and we thank them for their patience.

Our order book will re-open and this page will revert to its normal order format at 9am (UK time) on Wednesday, 2 January 2019.

In the  meantime we wish all of our clients past, present and yet to come the very best for a happy Christmas and New Year.