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Professional army records research services for genealogists and military historians: making your unknown soldier known again

If you want to understand what happened to a soldier in the First World War, learn more of his personal and family circumstances and perhaps prove a family legend, you will find no better friend and advisor than fourteeneighteen

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Chris Baker introduces fourteeneighteen

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We carry out a comprehensive search for documentary evidence of a soldier’s time in the British Army; interpret the details found; and create a timeline narrative so that you can understand exactly what happened to him, when and why.

For details of the steps we take, what we search, what we produce, how we engage with you as a customer and what this all costs, see How we work

Happy clients

Thank you very much for your eagerly awaited report.  You have certainly put a lot more ‘meat’ on the bone than I had been able to. I have just paid your invoice and consider it money very well spent as it answers so many questions I had about my grandfather.  Unfortunately I never met him, as I wasn’t born until October 1954, which was some 18 months after he passed away. Anyway thank you once again.  Please feel free to use any part of this email as feedback on your website.

David Sewell wrote from Ellesmere Port on 27 August 2020

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Much free information about how to research soldiers of the British army of the First World War appears at our associated site the Long, Long Trail

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