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Professional army records research services for genealogists and military historians: making your unknown soldier known again

If you want to understand what happened to a soldier in the First World War, learn more of his personal and family circumstances and perhaps prove a family legend, you will find no better friend and advisor than fourteeneighteen.

What we will do for you

We’ve done it for more than 6,000 clients over more than 18 years, building up a unique, efficient and effective approach to gaining an understanding of a soldier’s story. We’d be delighted to do it for you, too:

We will locate all information that exists about your soldier in digital, archival and library sources

We will interpret the information found and create an easy to understand narrative of his story

We will digitally deliver everything to you at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable timescale

You will gain confidence that you have the best possible grasp on your soldier’s story

You won’t need to search across multiple sites or miss out on archives you do not know or cannot reach

You will have something to add to your family history and pass on to others.

Your researcher: Chris Baker

I am also the creator of the Long, Long Trail website about the British Army in the Great War; started the online Great War Forum; provide research services for TV and other media; have published four books on the subject; and often give talks to family history groups and conferences

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Choosing to work with fourteeneighteen means confidence that you will get the best results possible, with the greatest insight into your soldier’s story.

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About us

We are very proud of what we do for our clients. Let us tell you something about us:

Happy Clients

We’re acknowledged leaders in our field, working both with individual family historians and, for example, behind the scenes for “Who do you think you are?” and other TV. “An honest and trustworthy company” said one recent client.

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Leading from the front

Mass experience has helped us develop highly effective search methods and an unrivalled bank of knowledge and sources. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive and reasonably priced service, adding to their family story and acquiring an understanding of the soldiers’ life. And we go on, sharing facts and emerging tips from this work on our websites and in social media.

Do we research sailors, airmen? What about before and after WW1?

For these and more refer to our Research FAQ

Another look at what we do

We carry out a comprehensive search for documentary evidence of a soldier’s time in the British Army; interpret the details found; and create a timeline narrative so that you can understand exactly what happened to him, when and why.

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