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Professional army records research services for genealogists and military historians: making your unknown soldier known again

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If you want to understand what happened to a soldier in the First World War, learn more of his personal and family circumstances and perhaps prove a family legend, you will find no better friend and advisor than fourteeneighteen.

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We carry out a comprehensive search for documentary evidence of a soldier’s time in the British Army; interpret the details found; and create a timeline narrative so that you can understand exactly what happened to him, when and why.


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With thousands of soldiers researched for thousands of clients since 2002, we have built highly efficient and effective methods, unmatched knowledge and a unique repository of information. Your project will be in safe hands.

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You are a family historian, trying to find what happened to a relative in 1914-1918. Perhaps you are researching a local war memorial. Or maybe you’re in the media and need help with a news story or documentary. We will help.

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Choosing to work with fourteeneighteen means confidence that you will get the best results possible, with the greatest insight into your soldier’s story.

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