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Many of us would like to know more about the military service of a member of our family, either to understand what he did or to find our more family information. Or perhaps you are researching a local war memorial for a WW1 centenary project. We can help.

The benefit of working with us

The experience of more than 7000 individual projects researching soldiers of the British Army means we have developed great efficiency in finding material and have an unparalleled archive of knowledge. For you that means confidence that you will get the best results possible, with the greatest insight into your soldier’s story, and at a very competitive price.

We research soldiers

Most of our clients ask for help in researching a soldier. Full details on this page

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We support media and academia

In addition to our work for individual private clients we work for media producers, broadcasters, universities and studies. See more on this site.

But who are we?

You can find all about our background and organisation at this page

What do others say about us?

Read what some of our recent clients have reported at this page

Do-it-yourself help

Have you seen our associated site, The Long, Long Trail? It has extensive information about the British Army and how to research it.

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